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They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and of that's true, then your eyelashes are the window dressings. At SATORI we take pride in offering some of the best lash services in the Gorge, from lash lifts, to lash tints, to Novalash® eyelash extensions, our team is here to help keep you looking and feeling 100. Book today at our White Salmon and the Dalles locations. 

Lash Lifts

Ladies, you know the magic a push-up bra can work. Well, think of this as a push-up bra for your lashes. The SATORI team uses a safe chemical solution to instantly lift, separate, and define your lashes, giving them a beautiful natural curl.

The Lift & Tint

How many hours a month do you spend putting on and re-touching your mascara?

Enter the SATORI lash lift & tint. the perfect one-two punch, we pair our signature lash lift with a lash tint. The process is painless and uses safe, plant-based dyes to darken your natural eyelashes, giving you weeks of color with almost no upkeep required. 


Lash Extensions

Forget mascara, NOVALASH® Lash extensions from SATORI will give you lash volume and definition that  a Disney Princess would envy, with no danger of turning into a pumpkin after midnight.


Lash extensions are the ultimate eyelashes treatment and can boost confidence while helping make your busy life a little more carefree.


Using Novalash's patented Platinum Bond adhesive, our licensed technicians

carefully apply synthetic eyelashes directly to your natural lashes, one lash at a time, giving you beautiful full lashes that are indistinguishable from the real thing. The extensions are worn all the time, with no need nightly removal, and with proper care, you won’t need a lash fill for up to four weeks! 

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Like a push up bra for your lashes, a SATORI lash lift makes your natural eyelashes stand up and get attention using a safe chemical solution that lifts, separates, and defines your lashes. 



An individual synthetic lash extension is glued to each of your natural lashes to create a perfect, striking look for up to six weeks. This technique is also known as the 1 to 1 or 1:1 method.



Multiple very thin Novalash eyelash extensions are applied to each of your natural eyelashes individually isolating one natural eyelash at a time giving you stunning lash volume .


The perfect pairing, the SATORI lash lift adds definition and curl to your natural lashes, while the lash tint enhances their color with a semi-permanent dye ensuring a striking, bold look.



Already had a classic set of Novalash extensions applied by SATORI? Come in 3-5 weeks after your initial application to refresh your look with a discounted lash fill.



Already had a volume set of Novalash extensions applied by SATORI? Come in 3-5 weeks after your initial application to refresh your look with a discounted lash fill.